The Power of Stretching

Photo courtesy of Bond Fitness

Photo courtesy of Bond Fitness


The Importance of Flexibility in Everyday Life

People always say that stretching is important, but why?

Is stretching only important post workout?

There is an array of benefits that come with flexibility. To be flexible doesn’t only make your body bend into ways that you couldn’t imagine, it clears your mind and improves physical strength. Here are a few reasons why taking 5 minutes out of your busy lifestyle to stretch is important:

1. Reduce post-workout stiffness

Your muscles need to be taken care of before and after a workout to increase physical relaxation and flexibility

2. Improve posture

Stretching lengthens tight muscles and keeps your body loose. Whether you are participating in a high-intensity workout 3 times a week or sitting at your cubicle, aches and pains are normal but improved overall posture will reduce the want to slouch

3. Energized

Some days are long, muscles tighten, and our bodies and mind have troubles staying awake…do not fret, a simple 10-minute stretch or yoga class could set your energy levels to conquer the rest of your day

4. Injury prevention

Stiff muscles are more likely to be at risk for injury; knowing your muscles are flexible will spike your confidence during a workout as well as being able to recuperate after an intense week of exercise


Start your flexibility journey here with Beth’s 4-minute stretch sequence

Click here to follow along!

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